By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Jackets

LINEN SUIT 005 - 001

Linen is the most breathable, lightweight and durable fabric making it the preeminent wearable fabric in the spring/summer. Linen isn’t geezer gear anymore, it’s been modernized. Furthermore, you can opt for a linen-blend (mixed with cotton/wool) that will help maintain the required structure to the jacket without sacrificing the comfort.

In the stifling months, linen gives a natural laissez-faire appeal giving it very much worthy of a place in your wardrobe. For spring/summer, linen instantly communicate a phlegmatic continental feel and is certainly the epitome of effortless cool.

When it comes to colour, darker shades such as blue, brown or charcoal are ultimately smarter and communicate a more semi-formal feel while lighter hues such as off-white or khaki conjure images of timeless 90’s style. However, if you are looking for élite versatility, don’t underrate the power of light-toned jacket – they bring something unique to the table during the summer.


Every man knows that a suit isn’t just one item, but three: the suit as a whole, the jacket and the trousers. It is equally crucial to emphasize on the jackets and trousers, especially when looking to create a versatile, timeless wardrobe.

Breaking up a suit into separates is a lucid style move that will give you so much more wear out of your tailoring, strengthening its life in the endeavor. This ingenuity allows the linen jacket to become the fulcrum of your high summer style, bringing a debonair touch to your off-duty looks while becoming a staple within your semi-formal wear location.

Last but not the least, a lightweight blazer is an absolute must-own for any modern man. Whether you have opted a light or dark hued suit, this blazer instantaneously takes your present semi-formal looks up a notch without making you hot. Final word, keep the wool for the autumn/winter and embrace lightweight linens for the spring/summer.

Are you ready to tailor your next debonair linen jacket? Connect with us to organise an obligation-free consultation for your next jacket.

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