By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Suits

RF - Grey Suit 004

Which are the trendiest shades of grey that you can tailor yourself at Raja Fashions this Spring/Summer 2016?

Grey suits have been on the radar since last season, thanks to the film “Fifty Shades of Grey” and we owe to Jamie Dornan for bringing that vision to the big screen. Dornan portrays the role of the young entrepreneur Christian Grey and someone like him would certainly have the finest bespoke tailor to customize his suits.

The film has inspired the trendsetters to bring back grey suits back on the racks. It has circumscribed its appeal to the big screens and the red carpet, hence it would make a unique statement even if you wear it in a simple classic cut. Connect with our specialized team to embrace this trend at the right time.

Herein are the top three shades of grey that you should customize this season –

Charcoal GREY

Charcoal Grey Suits

A charcoal grey suit in a textured fabric will stand out and work effectively to change up your look and is immensely flattering when tailored decorously. Ensure your textured grey suits are streamline and keep an open mind to the different textures you can adapt to this tone of grey. It reads professional and is the most corporate friendly grey suit option.

Steel GREY

Steel Grey Suits

This steel grey two-button suit gives a vogueish contemporary feel, and the printed scarf tucked neatly makes it more chic. Steel grey can be tailored in many ways, much like a lighter grey suit and is another natty option for portraying panache. It reads exceedingly elegant, et is a refreshing change from the usual black and navy suits.

Heather GREY

Heather Grey Suits

The slim fit heather grey suit is also another great option for versatility. The notch lapel and trim flap pockets gives it a chic contemporary edge. The best thing about heather grey is that it’s still a lighter option that works well with almost all complexion, keenly giving you a-la-mode look.

One last thought, every well-tailored suit portrays a man’s status and his individuality. And other than doing justice to the male façade, the grey suit actually play a much albeit subtle role. The great things about grey is that there is a shade for every man. Grey is done in varied tones and finding the right shade of grey for you to wear is crucial.

Our collection includes a plethora of greys, ranging from charcoal grey, french grey, slate grey, violet grey, cadet grey, payne’s grey, olive grey to many others from coveted mills around the world including Ermenegildo Zegna, Guabello, Loro Piana and the likes. If you are looking for the finest shades of grey, you could do best by making an appointment to meet with our specialized fashion consultants in Hong Kong and around the world.

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