By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Tailoring

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Savile Row influences much of Hong Kong’s bespoke tailoring industry

The world of fashion design revolves around London, New York, Paris et Milan and since imperial times alongside Savile Row, Hong Kong has been renowned for quality bespoke suits and shirts at reasonable rates. If you are in Hong Kong for any reason, you should visit Raja Fashions.

In fact, if you need a wardrobe upgrade consisting of more than a couple of high-quality suits and shirts, it is advisable for you to go all the way to Hong Kong to visit Raja than shop at Savile Row or Jermyn Street. World-Famous Raja Fashions’ Suit can be had for a Steal. Really. He’s that adroit – and that reasonable.

Here at Raja Fashions, we continue the tradition of Hong Kong tailors. Our specialized globetrotting fashion consultants measure you in your city, while the suit is sewn by the master tailors in Hong Kong and shipped to you. We resolutely deem that if you want a chic season-appropriate suit tailored with great panache, Hong Kong tailors are seamlessly your preeminent choice.

So, how did Hong Kong became the epicenter of the tailoring industry? The British occupants of Shanghai in the late 1800s wanted their fine London suits from Savile Row. They brought in the finest British tailors from Savile Row, who tutored young Chinese boys. Then the Chinese Revolution happened in 1949 and in early 50s, most of these young boys migrated to Hong Kong, thus bringing their tailoring art with them.

Hong Kong’s tailoring industry was initially funded by European clientele and these young Chinese tailors started using the British techniques that was markedly suited to a Caucasian build. Much like Savile Row’s regular visits to New York and other American hotspots, most of Hong Kong’s tailors travel overseas to see clients and take orders, generating a large amount of business away from home using the concept of globetrotting tailors.

Ode to the Hong Kong Tailors 003

At the same time, following India’s partition, a part of community of travelling Indian tailors migrated to Hong Kong along with the British. Since, the Chinese did not speak English, while Indians did, it earned them the best bespoke suit-makers tag. And what’s working in the Indian millionaire tailors’ favour is the language and the ease with which they work, plus a second generation that’s willing to expand the tailoring industry globally.

There are certain factors that makes Hong Kong’s bespoke tailors so good. The first crucial factor is one-of-a-kind-fit and their sheer skill. They take multiple fittings so you get to specify every minute detail of your bespoke suit. They can customize almost any style, with impeccable skills passed down over several generations.

Another factor is excellent fabric and careful construction. We use some of the finest luxury fabrics including Ermenegildo Zegna, Guabello, Loro Piana and many others, sourced directly from the most prestigious mills around the world to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all their custom tailoring requirements. The suit is finely fashioned and the stitching is spot-on.

Lastly, how much are Hong Kong tailored suits? These bespoke tailors are quite possibly the best in the world, and yet the prices amply affordable. Expect to pay anywhere from USD 300 upwards. As the archaic oldie but goodie goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thankfully, a Raja custom suit is one of those things.

Ready for your own Raja bespoke suit? Make an appointment in your city today.



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