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In the early 50s, Melbourne had hundreds of bespoke tailors in the city and suburbs – Scottish, English, and a lot of Italian tailors migrated, too. The suit culture in Melbourne mainly emanated from the British and these Europeans. A well-tailored bespoke suit can cost anywhere from AUS$4000 upwards in most of the swish stores across the country.

 In Melbourne, The Suit Concierge is a leader in providing bespoke suits from less than one-third the price of what is prevalent in Australia. We come from a family of Hong Kong’s most coveted bespoke tailors (Raja Fashions) that dates back 60 years, thus providing the finest quality suits for feted clientele including celebrities, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, and government officials. If you are in Melbourne for any reason, you should visit The Suit Concierge located at 214 Bridge Road to customize your chic season-appropriate debonair suit.

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Since the past two decades, Melbourne saw a refocusing on bespoke tailoring with the advent of globalisation. And the clientele now is more elite consisting of young entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and the likes. Bespoke tailoring was always an important industry since the early colonial Melbourne and their services were in constant demand by the people who settled from British and Irish descent.

 In Melbourne, with almost a century of tradition behind the suit, it remains the dominant symbol of machismo and panache. The Aussie tailors deem that the industrial revolution was the most imperative factor in the emergence of what is now a man’s standard corporate ensemble, as it triggered the concept of “Suiting up” in a uniform to attend work in Melbourne and across Australia.

 One last thought, these Aussie bespoke tailors feel the focus is on the amalgamation of fashion and form, who favours lightweight materials and tailoring to cater to the sweltering Melbourne climate. The suit culture in Melbourne descended from the Caucasians, making it a staple in the Aussie’s work culture in contemporary times.

Ready for your own chic bespoke suit? Make an appointment today with The Suit Concierge.

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