By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Suits

 Hillary Clinton could be American’s first woman president; her charisma has been tinted both in the parliament and in vogueish pages of the coveted fashion books. She calls herself as a suit aficionado and her demeanour in classic power jackets gave her a powerful image in United States and worldwide.

Hillary at 1992 - Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaign

If we go down the memory lane, the idea of Hillary as a professional modern woman in her own right who was valiant enough to dress like one was so popular that women donned pins that proclaimed, “Elect Hillary’s Husband.” She used to elegantly sport double-breasted pink suits that resonates élan and panache.

Hillary with astronaut Eileen Collins

The advent of the late 90s saw Hillary going back to her conventional pantsuits. She claimed that women could wear suits at work instead of a skirt, and exalts will be directed at her. In her interviews on screen, she was seen mostly sporting dark blue suits that resounds clout alongside being exceedingly chic.

Hillary before delivering her victory speech as the newly-elected Senator of New York

One of the most iconic moment for Hillary was while she was delivering her victory speech as the newly-elected Senator of New York. She proved to the world that for a woman wearing a suit ultimately pays off in the long run. She elegantly shone her iconic blue pantsuits, making her the first woman to hold an elected office in the US.

Hillary Images

At the onset of Hillary’s presidential campaign, she continues to make headlines for her iconic pantsuits – atypically known to keep the focus on the power suits. Today she continues to lean in wearing boldly patterned, gleaming suits in various colours. And when she does goes shopping, it’s because she is stocking up for her Presidential campaign.

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