Every week, we promise to bring you the latest in fashion.

Let’s introduce you with the young and ingenious BESPOKEN Blog Team.

Vishal Sir


He is Triumphant, He is Elegant, A Young Entrepreneur with a flair for finesse in life that resonates through his oeuvre. Indubitably, a great prophetic who is the pioneer behind this créatif fashion blog. He has accomplished his father’s vision of taking the prescient brand to a global echelon. Plus he is enigmatic, energetic and yes!…charming. He loves playing tennis as much as he loves fashion and luxury. With him around, you sûr will feel a lot of positive energy.

(Vishal is also the Director of Raja Fashions)


Sou (Blog Editor)

Sou has been a fashion features journalist for close to a decade, his daily life (read night-life) revolved around interviewing celebs et wine and dine with fashion designers at fashion weeks, partying till wee hours. He firmly believes in the oldie but goodie that – Success is not the key to Happiness, Happiness is the key to Success. He loves writing poems and star-gazing as much he loves journalism and fashion. You are mostly bound to see him smiling always.


We profoundly acknowledge the support of our mentor Mr. Raja Daswani for his blessings, Ms. Divya Daswani, and the entire Raja Fashions team for their continual aid and patronage. And obviously, we are incessantly grateful to our beloved readers…we are there because you love us.

RF - A-La-Mode

Stay tuned with us! A Bientôt! 🙂


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